Meet the Client

Larry will meet with the client to discuss your ideas and wants. Suggestions and advice coupled with your ideas are used to give you a fair cost estimate at this point. Usually this is done at the place where work is being proposed to get a full scope of the situation.


House design plans are initiated with close consultation with the client to achieve an outstanding realization of their wants. All council and regulatory bodies are taken into account with this design. Starting from nothing to a realization of your dream.
Alternatively you may have already had some plans drawn up.


All council, engineers and specialists approvals will be handled on behalf of the client. Contact will be kept of process along the way.


Bough House Construction uses quality tradespeople and keeps close supervising contact on all work undertaken. A quality outcome is the only outcome. I undertake all site supervision personally to maintain quality and a clean and friendly atmosphere.

Post Handover

The highest level of outcome is what makes everybody happy and this is the goal. Towards the end of the job I will be in close consultation make sure this has been achieved. Once you are living in your finished project I will be happy to see if your objectives were met.

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